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The Workhouse Boy is a captivating novel of great social and historical significance set in the turbulent times of the industrial revolution in Britain and in early colonial Australia. Richard Shawcross starts his life as a foundling in a London workhouse, and bravely follows his fate as a transported convict and assigned servant in Van Diemen’s Land. It is a fictional work firmly based on important historical facts that reflect the slow advance of enlightened civilisation from the old world to the new. Richard’s adventurous struggles and continually changing fortunes reflect the true-to-life story of the early settlers in the new country of Australia during the exciting and often difficult times of the 19th century. This is a story where hope and faith eventually lead to success and happiness.

  • Formato: PDF
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
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  • Editorial: ELOQUENT BOOKS
  • Edición: 2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781606935972

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