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Beyond our physical manifestation, we are living energy. Our lives are connected to what is referred to as "the paranormal" by that which occurs during and after death. The state of an individual's mindset in this moment between life and death is paramount. It is the reason that some of the previously living remain attached to this world as ghosts. In this first book of a two-volume series, Richard Regener opens the door on life, death, and the paranormal. The Practitioner: Life, Death and the Paranormal is an indispensable guide that defines the following: the main forms of possession as in paranormal communication and its limitations; the facts and uncertainties regarding reincarnation; genuine ghost intruders, angels, demons, and other paranormal entities and how they may be differentiated from fictional concepts born of faith-based ideologies; how modern belief structures evolved from the realities of our ancient past techniques and methodologies relevant to the examination of paranormal events; the use of candles, incense and other "accessories" when engaging in paranormal disciplines; controversial topics such as legalized euthanasia and termination of life as understood through paranormal discourse; and practical engagement in paranormal disciplines including rituals and real world applications.

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  • Edición: 2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781606935903

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