Killing Time


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Evil people exist. Believe it. Demarco Salis, a brutal mountain of a man from South Africa, enters the United Kingdom, bringing with him a group of mercenaries to inflict as much terror, pain, and destruction as they can. MI5's most secret unit, The Circle, has lost men, and is stretched to the breaking point. Their best man must return from retirement to take on this latest threat. Content with life and love, he is unaware that circumstances will bring everyone together in a final bloody shootout somewhere high in the hills that he loves to roam. I give you Jake Silverman. Believe it.

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Compartir: Permitido según las limitaciones (6 Dispositivos)
  • Editorial: AUTHORS ONLINE
  • Edición: 2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9780755250424

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