Orbach'S Judgement


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Dave Woolf, solicitor and private eye, has had respectability thrust upon him. He’s also been saddled with the most sensational case of his career. High Court Judge Sir Russel Orbach is a pillar of the establishment and a doting guardian to the orphaned Frankie. In public, that is. In private, according to Frankie’s famous half-sister, he’s a murderer. What’s more, she’s going to say so in her forthcoming autobiography. Would Woolf, asked the petrified publisher, check up on this bizarre accusation? It’s just up Woolf’s street; as he specialises in investigating the misconduct of members of the legal profession. It’s sometimes like biting the hand that feeds you; but when that hand is adept at bullying, blackmail, and bundling bodies into the ocean, it’s Woolf who’s in danger of being bitten ... and badly.

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  • Edición: 2014
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  • ISBN 9780755250042

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