Rampant consumerism is one of the greatest forces behind the rapidly increasing destruction of our planet. It is the driving force behind the corporatisation of the globe and the destruction of the human qualities of co-operation, community and creativity. This book is for those that agree with this observation. This compilation of quotations is intended as a reference to accompany you on your transformation away from consumerism and towards creativity. The book starts with quotes about consumerism and environmentalism to remind you of why this individual transformation is vital. Followed by quotations about minimalism and freedom from complexity, it finishes with inspirational quotes to encourage you to fill those needs you cannot do without by using what is free and sustainable and within every one of us - creativity.200 Quotations to Escape Consumerism provides you with daily rousing reminders that we humans do not need to consume our way through life. We can be free of the ill-conceived work-earn-consume cycle and create a life that we choose.

  • Formato: PDF
  • Edición: 2016
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9788468690353

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