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With a comic outlook on life and a purely passionate and earnest trace, Agustina Guerrero takes us into the personal universe of a thirty-year-old woman in a striped t-shirt whose take on the world will bring out a smile in anyone. The Volatile Diaries started out as an autobiographical blog in 2011 and in only a few months the Volatile, its main character, got thousands of followers and became an immediate success on the social networks. Nowadays, she's got over 400,000 followers on Facebook and her stories are compiled in this book that also offers tons of unpublished material. Reading The Volatile Diaries is like having in ink on paper a bunch of everyday situations so familiar that we even forget they happen to us all the time. With her pen, her alter ego and a lot of humor, Agustina Guerrero gives a nod to our bad habits and embarrassing situations: the Volatile is always there to make fun of theroutine and entertain us with her complicity and wits.

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  • Edición: 2015
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