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I am 50... So What? Is the manual to get you to your mid-life feeling successful, made, beautiful in control and, above all, enjoy what you are and not grieve over what has not been.The day that Gillese Blondet turned 50, she vowed to herself that not only will she confess her age, but she would share all her secrets that confirm the following: YES, 50 is the new 30.This book is a friendly reminder that no botox will fix the wrinkles of the soul. Giselle, one of the most beloved women in the Hispanic market, takes us through the highlights of her life and the lives of powerful Latinas in their fifties who have not only achieved success in that dreaded age, but even have the luxury of having known the true love at 50.Because in this book, Blondet also shows us that in the game of love, the champion doesn't come first, but last. Funny, human, inspiring and full of anecdotes, I am 50 ... so what? Is an injection of energy for girls who want to reach that age as Giselle Blondet, and a foothold for women in their 50s that may be given the opportunity to start again.

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  • Edición: 2015
  • Idioma: Español
  • ISBN 9786073137478

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