With the harmony between primary food (work, exercise, spirituality, relationships) and secondary food (feeding) you can open your heart, live intensely reflect improvement and your sexuality. If you're ready to break free and experience the love and sex at its best, go for it! Awaken the passion in your days and nights Get ready to enjoy From the Sweet Spot to the G Spot while you healthily feed your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Get acquainted with subjects such as: Love and heartbreak Taboo free intercourse The spiritual side of sex The relationship between libido and nutrition Hormones and how to avoid diseases A sexy list of aphrodisiac foods and recipes And much more... Through integral nutrition and healthy nourishment, it is possible to enhance your love, open your heart, look better and live your sex life intensely. "My wish is that this book makes you ponder and breaks down you inner chains so you can live the experience of love to its fullest. If you are ready to free yourself and experience love and sex to its maximum expression, go ahead and read it!" Karina Velasco "In The Art of Healthy Living Karina Velasco showed us how life is a holistic adventure which not only is about nourishment or lifestyle. Now, in From the Sweet Spot to the G Spot, Karina Velasco will teach us how to see in our life a celebration of love and to live our sexuality as a sacred meditation." Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

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  • Edición: 2013
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  • ISBN 9786073120456

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