For The Love Of Dogs


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Dogs aren't exactly shy when it comes to expressing their feelings. They do everything we humans are afraid to: dogs are ecstatic and boisterous, tactless, openly enthusiastic, take delight in rolling in disgusting things, sleep when they're tired, and don't care if you snore. Dogs teach us that joy is a way of life and that it does not depend on what happens each day; they always assume something fabulous is going to happen today. This book shows dogs as they truly are bursting with happiness, tired after a hard play session, and scuffling with friends. It shows our faithful companions as exuberant puppies and it shows them getting slower, older, and wiser, with a gaze that will break your heart.

  • Editorial: TENEUES
  • Paginas: 144
  • Edición: 2016
  • Idioma: Español
  • Peso: 400 gramos
  • Ancho: 200 mm
  • Largo: 250 mm
  • ISBN 9783832732912

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