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Creamier is an up-to-the-minute global survey of recent developments in contemporary art, with an emphasis on emerging artists. Each of the ten selected curators is known for his or her integrity and expertise in staging presentations of new art on an international level. Each curator selects ten important new artists who have either emerged internationally over the last five years or who are still relatively unknown. There are no limitations on age, geography or medium. The result is a roster of the most significant and promising new artists working today -- the true cream of the crop. Each curator also selects a key creative work for the Sources section, such as an art work, text, film or album that has been significantly influential to art being produced at this moment, contextualizing the contemporary work featured in the rest of the book.

  • Editorial: PHAIDON
  • Paginas: 324
  • Idioma: Español
  • Peso: 400 gramos
  • Alto: 2 mm
  • Ancho: 42 mm
  • Largo: 30 mm
  • ISBN 9780714856834

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